I’ve worked on a bunch of different things over the years. Although I’m always working on new stuff, this should serve as a mostly complete compilation.

Major Projects

Skua: distributed tracing in the Linux kernel

Skua extends the Jaeger distributed tracing framework to integrate kernel-level traces produced by LTTng. Andrew Sun and I presented at the 2018 MIT PRIMES conference and at DevConf US 2018.

  • Take a look at our slides.
  • Watch the video of our presentation.
  • Our code is open source - try it out!

Tarpan: a routing protocol design to replace BGP

Tarpan is a completely in-band variant of the D-BGP protocol. D-BGP, designed by our research mentor Raja Sambasivan, contains all the necessary characteristics to move the Internet away from the Border Gateway Protocol and its limitations, while maintaining backwards compatibility to facilitate incremental adoption. Andrew Sun and I presented at the 2017 MIT PRIMES conference and were also named semifinalists in the 2017 Siemens Competition.

GoNet: a TCP/IP network stack in Go

Aashish Welling and I implemented a user-space network stack in Go. We presented at the 2015 MIT PRIMES conference and were also named semifinalists in the 2015 Siemens Competition.

  • Read the paper, titled An Implementation and Analysis of a Kernel Network Stack in Go with the CSP Style.
  • Our code is open source and probably has more Github stars than it deserves.

when2water: an intelligent irrigation controller

Along with my brother Nihar Sheth, I built a low-cost irrigation controller that uses machine learning and local weather data to reduce water usage by almost 60%. We then built a website and API, and even installed a couple irrigation controllers in people’s homes in our community. We were one of 31 teams to win the $1k local award prize as part of the Google Science Fair, and were also named state winners in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.


While not really a project per-se, I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Capture The Flag competitions, a type of information security competition. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really bright people over a bunch of different competitions, including CSAW HSF, picoCTF, TJCTF, HSCTF, and PACTF.

This all culminated in us running our own competition, CTF(x). Almost 500 teams participated in the CTF, and no team was able to get a perfect score. After the competition, we posted detailed writeups for all the problems.

Minor Projects

Usable Projects



I’ve competed in a bunch of different hackathons. The code that we write during hackathons isn’t pretty, and may require minimal configuration and tweaking to get working. In this list, 🥇 indicates first place, 🥈 indicates second place, and 🏆 indicates some other prize.