A picture of me

I’m Harshal Sheth, and I’m an undergrad studying CS at Yale. I’ve previously worked at Google, where I built out tracing tools for Fuchsia, and at Instabase, where I built a scalable, distributed task execution framework.

At Yale, I’m involved in a bunch of different things: I dance on MonstRAASity, advise tech teams as part of Code4Good, help manage a $400k portfolio in YSIG, and analyze investment opportunities for the greater good through UP Fund. I also started and run the YCS Dev Team, which manages Coursetable.

Right now (as of 2020-05-19), I’ve been working on some personal projects, and I’ll be starting at Citadel Securities in a few weeks.


If you’d like to connect, work together, or just chat, please reach out via email to [email protected].

You can also find me on Github or LinkedIn.